Monday, June 30, 2008 Japanese name is....

My authentic japanese name is 長谷川 Hasegawa (long valley river) 有祐 Yuusuke (have aid).
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Watashi wa Hasegawa Yuusuke desu. Dozo yoroshiku ne :D

Saturday, June 28, 2008

One picture that made a whole new difference.

Well, who would have thought just a class picture of the old years would bring me back from the depths of seperation from old classmates. And also re-sparked my interest on Facebook.

Just about two weeks ago, I was bored online so I went to my rather dull and boring facebook account. At the time I didn't really use it much, probably once or twice every week but no more than that. The lack of activity factor was the main reason - why would I want to go on a site to do nothing? And yea, that time, my list of friends on Facebook was rather absymal (It actually still is now). So I thought I'd do a fun search on my old school SK Seri Mega and lo and behold I found a group.

Not just any group. I found some of my old school mates there. And the pic of my ol' 6 Seroja class. So I intro'd myself in one of the topics and commented on the pic. Within a few hours I got some replies from old friends such as Desmond and Esther :).

The rest from there? Well, I met up with Wen Jian, Esther and Sue Li (albeit for a short while) yesterday for yumcha. Had a great time talking about things nowadays (and I do realise I missed out on a lot of things :( ).

Then I managed to communicate with some other friends like Yuen Mei and Brian. Now my facebook routine has changed from once a week to like three to four times a day. Could say I'm addicted now. I'm sorta glad that I actually made the decision to search, or else..well, I'd still be pretty "isolated".

I've felt very happy about the whole thing, all this in just a matter of two weeks. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well wouldn't you believe it....

Initial D 5. How long was it since the last version came out in Japan? Not even 2 years. -_-. Now IF it comes out I surely hope it's nothing like the crap that was ID4 because ID4 was a huge mess.

And what razorsuke said on the thread was right - no point getting good at the game because the next version comes out so fast. What the hell man. -_-..

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's official in my book. I quit Initial D 4.

Yes, you read it right. *cue WTF WTF WTF*

I quit Initial D Arcade Stage 4 as of 22nd June 2008. The game has became too frustrating to play for me and this in turn makes it money consuming. As I'm already playing Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (far more enjoyable than ID4 ever will), I will devote any arcading funds to that game from now on.

Seriously though, ID4 had its chance to redeem itself through v1.5 and the new physics completely killed the game for me. Why penalize players with an idiotic oversteer? Yes, maybe the better players will come here and say "You just don't know how to do the turn right". Well I say, forget it. The physics suck. That's my opinion, you can keep yours to yourselves. Furthermore, I have no other incentive to play when Wangan is so much more fun.

I will still be with @D4 (my Initial D 4 team) as they are still my friends and I will still go out with them on team meets. But I won't play ID4 seriously anymore...because I am frustrated. Very frustrated.

Will I ever make a u-turn to my decision? Highly unlikely, unless a miracle happens (or a new physics ver comes out which is highly unlikely now...). Will I play an Initial D 5 if it exists? Sure, why not? Just don't make them physics damn retarded as this one.

In the meantime... goodbye mountain roads (sans Hakone) and hello to the Metropolitan highways.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mission accomplished! ...but not with a good end!

Start date: 22 May 2008
End date (supposedly): 8 June 2008
Duration: 17 days (School holiday)
Mission: Gain the next level up from battle (400 stars)
Start point: 100 stars (22nd May 2008)
Ended with: 415 stars (7 June 2008)
Total stars attained: 315. (average: 18.5 stars per day)

With the school holidays approaching I figured it would be the best time to bump my star count up (and rank up: I'm planning to go for S class for my R32). Actually, this wasn't even in my initial plan, seeing that I WAS supposed to go Penang with Team -KS- but in the end that didnt work out for me because of some "problems".

It started off badly on the first day. The first half of the day yielded only five stars out of five games. Totally lost form, kept getting 3rd or 4th...consecutively. Later that day my form improved though it didn't really "come back".

Then later, I was at my best. For the next 10 - 11 days, races kept going my way (luck played a really huge part in some of them), and I easily hauled up to 20-30 stars a day with just ten bucks. Last place finishes were a rarity. I was definitely at the peak of my game, even more so than when I used the RX-8 to battle.

Then when I reached the 370+ star mark, my form started to slide. It started as a slow downhill, then today, it became a steep cliff. I've never had a form this bad that I had literally screw myself out of sure-fire stars just because I was greedy. I did eventually reach the 400 mark on the same day, but still, there were stars that was as good as mine, only to be thrown away at the last 1km.

Nevertheless, mission accomplished. Although the end wasn't such a good thing. I wonder if I need to lay off on Wangan for abit, it seems that my form is on the slide now that its not really a good idea to battle...not for now at least.

Well, at least I managed to come close to beating my personal best of 12.11.9 with Kenji's R32 with my own...came up short by 0.2xx but its my first ever successful TA with the 3rd person camera I guess there are better things to come :)

What's next? Hmm...I guess the next level up (1000 stars) isn't too hard..but that, will be for another time. :)