Thursday, September 27, 2007

Removed Cbox.

Hmm...seems like people using Internet Explorer are getting pop-up ads via Cbox. And when I surfed over to Zoro's blog he said the same as well.

I took down the Cbox. I will add a different one later. When I am less busy T_T

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The escape from Error 403. And a blast into the past.

It would have been a bad day entry, but it ended well so I actually feel quite upbeat. Hm.

Anyway, on Friday I went to Mines to renew my YUMI* AE86 card. Now, when I bought the card (also at Mines), I already encountered Error 403 (rotten luck, but I was only buying the card, so no loss there :D). But this time around, the stakes are so much higher -_-

So I popped in the tokens for renewal, got my expired card out. And then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.


Error 403 =___________=;;;; with all the "unable to dispense the license card" explanation bla bla bla.

Uh oh, sounds bad right? The prospect of losing my data was staring right in my face.

Luckily for me, there was a technician who knew how to fix it. (I know how to as well in case he didn't, but it was very convenient that he knew everything from the start). And he helped to recover my data. Granted the other technician present ALMOST screwed up the process (T_T), but in the end it all was good :D and the renewal was good :D Recovery was a success. :D

The end result?

And before I forget, here's Yumi* in full colour. Taken with my Nokia 6300:

As for who is Yumi, let's just say she taught me some IDV2 basics back LONG ago. (Yes, GIRL tutoring ME a GUY -_-) My first mentor you could say :). Unfortunately she isn't, well...with us now if you know what I mean, so as a tribute. The avatar is based off what description I could get of her from some of my fellow ID friends.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. Good night.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Of apple pies, boost off battles, peer pressure and nostalgia.

Okay okay fine, so I didn't update for so long >_< >_< so sorryyyyyy :(

Today was a pretty fine day in my book. One that lifted up my spirits.

I got myself to Sg Wang for two reasons today.
a) My team mate and good friend Loong's girlfriend is present to take the card that I've been tuning for him (-_- and ironically I confirmed its bad luck status, once it got off my hand I feel 99.6% more relieved)
b) Samuel (a good ol' friend from the IDV3 Kotaraya days) called me out to play ID4. (despite me at the bottom off the barrel in money terms :( )

So I got out to Sg Wang from Tun Sambanthan Monorail (its 50 cents cheaper damn it, and I didnt want to walk from TS -_-) and when I searched out Samuel, he hasn't change a single bit. Still super tall as he used to be, I don't think I noticed anything different as I spotted him right away. He however, like 75% of the people I know said "how different I look from before" =_= omg really now, am I THAT different from before?

Immediately, we got down to business. Since there was this S2000 accepting challengers, I decided to bring out my 86, and dragged him to Akina Downhill. Since he asked for boost off, I obliged. Immediately, like ants there was a crowd behind me. Like what? o_o And in the end I managed to pass him at the Death Corner (I like the name, woohoo) and ran away 300+m. Now usually, this will scare off the challenger right?


He came back for Tsukuba as expected. Boost off again despite me knowing how dangerous it is, but I looked at his TA times and suspected something. Which was confirmed the moment we hit the first turn in CP3. Coz with a crap speed I was actually catching up and passed him by the start of CP4 -_-;;; and ran away by 100+m.

With my free game I pulled off a 2'50"9 Tsukuba OB with my then 7-2-1-1-2 AE86T. -_- It was such a nice run but I hated the highway CP that was CP2. -_- Now, during the free game, I received some calls on my phone, I didn't think of much.

Until I saw who called that is. -_- Now I had to wait till 4.30 to pass back the card. Bad feeling UP!

Anyway, I got Samuel to make his ID card. Luckily enough there was no 403 (Sg Wang is notorious for such an error -_-) and I got him to buy his Trueno. Well....actually initially he wanted to buy the Evo 4 or the GC8v...but I showed him the awesomeness that is the Trueno (yay free game for my card again XD) and he bought it. He immediately showed interest in Iro, which I showed him how ( least for 3 CPs -_- I kinda reversed on the fourth jump, and it was damn nice too =.=).

Then, he started playing Iro, first game being something like a 3'06, but I managed to help him a little with wall ramming and stuff, and when I taught him the all important penalty cancel tech, he actually did it very well. Better than me even O_o. I see his accel brought back to life everytime he uses it. He then brought his time down to 2'59"0 within a few games. Then he himself got into a battle, which he won. First win for him. Congrats :D

What happened next was pure awesomeness.

Sam: Eh, so pressing the view change + start button, what will happen ah?
Me: Force've played V3, you should know.
Sam: Like this?
Sam: Oops.
(guy next to him was hoping to rechallenge but he can't :p)
Sam: Err...(takes card) I didn't know ma
(I walk away with him)
Me: Let's admit it, you did it on purpose so that the other guy didn't get the chance to challenge back.
Sam: Yeah la of course :p


Then we head off to McDs downstairs, where Samuel treated me to a Med.Coke, and an Apple Pie. Thank you! ^o^

Although I wonder why you want me to eat the apple pie that badly O_o

Me: (chats about other things)
Sam: Yeah, cool. Eh, eat the apple pie la.
Me: -_- Later la.
(30 seconds later)
Sam: (chats and suddenly...) Eh, eat the apple pie la!
Me: -_- Yes la eating la.

So we chat a lot actually, among things the old Kotaraya gang and where the others went to (that's Yian, Barry, Alv, David (Croix), Nic, Jason (the OTHER one), himself (Sam), Ash, Roy, Ceres and the other specky dude that the name escapes me). Somehow, talking to him brings back thought of the good old days where i used to be super free for ID right after class, or before it. Before it all came crashing down thanks to the main V3 arcade closing. Sad.

Then we went back up to the arcade to see him play some more Akina and Iro. -_- I wished he'd listen to what I say.

Me: So this corner, use In-In-Out lining yes?
Sam: Ok.
(sees Sam use Out-In-Out)
Me: =_+ errrrrr......
Sam: Sorry got used to it -_-
Me: =_= right....

Then, Loong's gf called and I made my move to Royale Bintang and passed the card to her. Suddenly my mood returned after a few days of absence :D

Next, we headed off to TS, where I picked up some more battles. Awesome. I didn't see anyone I know except Kim (who disappeared right after saying hello =_=) and that "X-FAST" kid. =_=. Poor Sam lost 2 battles in V3. :( Disappointing day for him. I got something like an 06 for Akina Downhill with 7-2-2-1-2 but I was so disappointed that I didn't do better. Then we went off to dinner at the TS food court upstairs where I had my Fried Rice and Sam having er...Salty Fried Kuey Teow =_=;;; which he returned and got the...not so salty one which he theorized that they put his Kuey Teow through water and then served it out again.

After that we head off back to the arcade where Sam finally realized he's overspent for the day (not really broke but he didnt expect to spend so much XD). But somehow my bored self managed to coax him BACK to Sg Wang where I got 2 battles (won the first, lost the second, damn my Akagi sucks, and first loss for my 86) and Sam got his 57 Iro. I then tried Iro with my own 86, and got a crappy 2'48"9 with 7-2-2-2-2. Lost 10km/h for some of the turns. Felt like screaming but never did -_-

Then I managed to pull this off:
Sam: Eh dude, that 2'48 is quite fast ah...
Me: You can do it too. Wanna try my car? :D :D :D
Sam: Eh cannot la I overspent already!!!
Me: My Yumi* Trueno is calling out for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.........
Sam: .... (goes to the counter)
Me: XD (whee free game for my car :D)

And he ran like...a 55"9 or something. Trying to tempt him again didn't work -_- :p.

We walked all the way down from Sg Wang to Kotaraya. Was fun to chat with him continuously haha. Then we got to Kotaraya to have a look see around the former hangout for us. Somehow, it doesn't feel the same. It's now 1.5x times more smoky (there's even smoke coming out of some of the aircon vents =_=). More importantly. where did the last pair of V3 machines go? All they have now are crappy as hell V2 machines, and a bunch of Cyber Cafes (as if that building needs more than 2...). And the former "main hangout"'s empty now. Deserted. Crap man, thinking about all this makes me and him almost cry.

Then we split from there. A nice and interesting day to cap off what was a high and low week. I didn't expect so much from this, but in the end there were many things that were memorable.

Thank you for reading, and good night :)

(And while I wish I capped this off with pictures, I didn't take any. Sorry >_<)