Thursday, July 29, 2010

Because I can.

One week ago, I had 2 SS cards.

This week.....

3rd SS card - Cy*Azusa. Pictured above is my DC2. There is also an AE86 and a Supra in the same card.


Somehow, it just feels real good.

Now it's just Cy*Megumi at A2 to focus on. Tuning cars of course :) The GC8 is about...8 steps away from full-tune :D

Oh, and three posts ago I posted the "Congratulations! SS rank pic" and said it will probably be the only time I see it? I've seen it 4 times now. The fourth being Matt's RINOA card, which I helped to get to SS too >_>

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And yet again.....:P

SS rank for my Cy*Lyn, seen here paired up with my Cy*Kotomi (first SS card I had).

This one took a fair while (5 months), but =D second card in ID5 v2.0 SS'd. Picture says it all.

Now to concentrate on the GC8. >=)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Comments disabled.

And probably for good reason: spambots.

-_- man, away from the blog so long and this is what happens.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And here I am again.

It's been a long while since I last updated :D Like seriously, I think at least a year!

Life right now? Pretty busy at work, and at ID. I'm starting to feel that I'm the utility person, having done so many roles over the last 8 months. It's great to learn, but it's been taking a toll on me's hard to absorb so much within a short period. But life's like that I guess.

I stopped WMMT3DX. It comes as a shock to some, but the biggest driving factor was the fact I lost my card holder containing my MT cards...the most painful loss being the SS8 RX-7 FD I built up from an S8 rename. I did recover back in time for MT3DX+..with a RX-8 rename (Luka*), but to replace all my cards again..that was never likely going to, whatever I had left (besides the RX-8), I passed to WZ, who probably used whatever I have left to good effect. I kept the SS5 Luka* RX-8...simply coz I fully dressed it already. It was fun while it lasted but the cost to replace all the cards is too much.

Team affiliation wise, I guess Rouge Vitesse died along with me, as well as Dope and Kenji when all of us decided to quit. It was fun having a team, having our serious and fun moments. Our team managed to go all the way without any enemies or hitches. Sure, we were nowhere as popular, but I think that, we've done well. Thanks for all your support guys. ^^
And to replace WMMT3DX was ID5...2.0. No online though, despite Sega implementing an area code for Malaysia (MYS). I may not like the physics, but the new aura system kept me hooked. I have an SS card now...two different FD models plus the well as other cars but lower ranked. Of course, tuning is way way cheaper now :). Shame that there's only two locations with it. and of course, shame there's no online too.

Probably a one time only thing in my entire ID5 playtime will I ever see this..hence the snapshot. :)

I am thinking to start a Nendoroid collection of my own. Somehow, since the Luka nendoroid I had, I kinda got hooked to it. Feels nice to own one, and have it pose the way you like (restricted, but yeah, still....). Course, the downside is it's expensive, but I guess a nendo or two per month won't kill anyone.

And of course: here's my Luka! :D Tako Luka waves hi too :D

Anyways, its getting real late (12.34am), will update tomorrow with more stuff to rant about. Hopefully this time I will be able to continue my updates regularly. :)