Friday, December 28, 2007

Mission accomplished. (and..."OMG! Similar features!")

2'59"808 Akina Downhill Dry with the AE86 Trueno.

My IR entry. Ranked 31st in the world as of 28th Dec 2007, 0214 hrs.

Finally dipped below the 3'00 mark. Don't know if I could go any faster, but that is for another day.

And this is my latest avatar for the last card I made:
....hey wait a second she looks like...
And no I didn't do it on purpose, I only realised it when I got home, LOL!

O_O OMG. Hair and Shirt/Vest colours seperate them!

That's all for today :p

Thursday, December 27, 2007


After the hell that is Uni is over (well, at least until the results are out), let me recap on what has happened.

- Uni exams have been hell.
Let's just say if I pass, it's a freakin miracle. I screwed up. Bad....

- Been doing a fair amount of ID.

I have a few targets in mind. Some not even hit yet.

- Picked up another FD
And since I was paid to tune it, woot. :D

- Bought an RX-8 for Wangan Midnight Maxi Tune 3.
So far so good, still haven't lost in story mode. :p

- Finished tuning my Evo IX after about 2-3 months from buying the card.
Finally got around to tuning it XD

- Had some annoyances with some people.
Ever want people to shut up while you are playing but they can't? I wish they would. Yet there are a fair few idiots who don't know how to zip their mouth. If you're reading this and you KNOW it's you, do me a favor and shut up next time. I do not need to hear your comments especially since 95% of what you say is utter trash.

- Met up with Dom (shadow_zero) after so long.
Sorry mate that we couldn't have a better outing, hopefully next time we could do something better.

- Finally met Jake @ Haseo.

Yes you freakin' ant. No more dino jokes. Coz we know YOU're the real dino :D

- 9999999 All 300s SSAY Ouendan 2 Hard & Insane modes done again. XD
The scores were worse spinner wise so no new High score.

- Finally scored the final trainer card in Pokemon Pearl.
I lucked out in the Beauty Contest Master Rank with my Ranger Manaphy (thank you Drifblim for using such useless moves over and over :D). And with a friend of mine cooperating with the CTF bit of the trainer card, I've done it.

- Had a wonderful time at the @D4 Christmas BBQ on the night of Christmas. Unfortunately I forgot to get pics -_- but the outing was a major success. :D

With just barely less than a week till 2008 I hope the remaining days will be a good one. And I'm sure it will. :)