Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is made of so much win.

This is my R32.

And the number of stars it has is...l33t. Woot~ 1337 FTW~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Writers' block


Can't think of anything to cook up lately. Been stressed too :/

Oh well.

Oh, and congrats to Lee Chong Wei for bringing home a silver medal for Malaysia in badminton. Sure, he got outplayed to hell but all things considered...a medal is already an achievement.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saluran Olympik anda? Don't make me laugh.

This is referring to our free TV stations RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) who recently had the rights to air the Olympics on TV. So the unlucky chaps without ASTRO can actually go and watch it. RTM, saluran Olympik anda? HELL NO.

I'm referring to the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics that took place last Friday. It started at around 8pm. Guess what our "Saluran Olympik" was airing?

The national news - till 8.30pm.

Great, first 30 minutes of the ceremony missing. What, you can't air the damn news earlier? This is a once in four years event, not something you see everyday. And hell, you have TWO channels! Use the other one for heaven's sake! It's not like you can't reschedule the news can you?

Then again, maybe you didn't even consider the possibility =.=

Oh and if it wasn't bad enough, we had tons of commercial breaks. In the space of an hour you could probably have five to six commercial breaks. I would personally prefer to watch the opening ceremony UNINTERRUPTED thank you.....this event isn't a medium for your advertisers (in this case, DiGi) to show its yellow man following in the Beijing games. We want to see the damn fireworks!

And ironically, speaking of fireworks....

RTM cut off the last part of the ceremony....abruptly. To make way for the news/other shows/whatever.

The Government speaks of making RTM the best free TV channel in Malaysia. Well..maybe they could start by going the right way, because they are going in a backwards direction =.=...NTV7 or TV3 would have been a better choice to air the Games instead of this sorry excuse of a TV channel.