Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, I certainly didn't expect a certain matter to go to a certain extreme, but when that happens, I can't do anything. I'm abit in disbelief too.

Oh well...shit happens...I just wanna get that one problem out of my system soon..

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sonic Mega Collection Plus for the PC.

So I picked this up at Sg. Wang for RM24.90 (that's about...just USD7 at time of post). Not a bad deal....considering it's original. Is this a really good bargain?

The compilation covers pretty much every Sonic game in the Sega Genesis (not including any of the add-ons such as the Sega CD or the 32X). There's also a few Game Gear games in there as well. At first glance, it's a nice buy, and since I'm a Sonic fan, it would be nice to own the collection legit.

Playing the game so far though, it's like playing a game straight out of the Genesis. No graphical enhancements, no sound enhancements. It's the exact same game a decade ago. However, I did notice slowdown with some (actually, most) of the games....and I found out why - apparently the PC version port uses the PAL 50hz version of the games instead of the NTSC version - and this means the game plays slower (and no, there is no way to "fix" it). And having played the games before...the slowdown is quite noticable. I haven't played the game long enough to say if it sucks or not but although it hasn't really messed up my timing in terms of jumps or dash somewhat, it does kill the tempo of the game slightly since the game's all about speed.

The game also comes with a bunch of extras (movies related to Sonic Heroes, comics, manuals etc), which is nice, but really, only for novelty reasons....and to be frank...the movies are the whole reason why the default install is 3.2gb. (Installing just the games, letting the movies run from disc is just 470MB...that's like nearly just 1/8th of the install!)]

So far, this looks like a decent buy, but that's it. The slowdown gets quite annoying...especially when you've played the faster NTSC versions. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty lucky that I seriously didn't pay more than RM25 for this. Nice compilation, but seriously, could be better.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is made of so much win.

This is my R32.

And the number of stars it has is...l33t. Woot~ 1337 FTW~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Writers' block


Can't think of anything to cook up lately. Been stressed too :/

Oh well.

Oh, and congrats to Lee Chong Wei for bringing home a silver medal for Malaysia in badminton. Sure, he got outplayed to hell but all things considered...a medal is already an achievement.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saluran Olympik anda? Don't make me laugh.

This is referring to our free TV stations RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) who recently had the rights to air the Olympics on TV. So the unlucky chaps without ASTRO can actually go and watch it. RTM, saluran Olympik anda? HELL NO.

I'm referring to the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics that took place last Friday. It started at around 8pm. Guess what our "Saluran Olympik" was airing?

The national news - till 8.30pm.

Great, first 30 minutes of the ceremony missing. What, you can't air the damn news earlier? This is a once in four years event, not something you see everyday. And hell, you have TWO channels! Use the other one for heaven's sake! It's not like you can't reschedule the news can you?

Then again, maybe you didn't even consider the possibility =.=

Oh and if it wasn't bad enough, we had tons of commercial breaks. In the space of an hour you could probably have five to six commercial breaks. I would personally prefer to watch the opening ceremony UNINTERRUPTED thank you.....this event isn't a medium for your advertisers (in this case, DiGi) to show its yellow man following in the Beijing games. We want to see the damn fireworks!

And ironically, speaking of fireworks....

RTM cut off the last part of the ceremony....abruptly. To make way for the news/other shows/whatever.

The Government speaks of making RTM the best free TV channel in Malaysia. Well..maybe they could start by going the right way, because they are going in a backwards direction =.=...NTV7 or TV3 would have been a better choice to air the Games instead of this sorry excuse of a TV channel.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The color code test

Your result for The Color Code Test...

Color Code: WHITE: The Peace Keeper

9% Red, 17% Blue, 54% White and 20% Yellow!

Here is the basics: For a more in depth analysis, I suggest you look up the Color Code, and take a more intensive test.


WHITE NEEDS: To feel good (inside), To be allowed their own space, To be respected, Tolerance.

WHITE WANTS: To withhold insecurities, Kindness, Independence, Contentment.

SUMMARY: Whites are motivated by peace. They will do almost anythign to avoid confrontation. They like to flow through life without hassle or discomfort. Feeling good is even more important to them then being good. Whites need kindness. They resent being scolded. They dislike harsh words. They open up instantly to people who are kind, but Whites recoil from those who are hostile. Whites prefer quiet strength. they enjoy thier quiet independence. This can often be percieved as bullheadedness. Whites like to keep a low profile. They like to be asked their opinions but they won't volunteer them. Whites are independent. Unlike Reds and Blues who want to control others, Whites seek only to avoid being controlled. They don't like to be pushed, and they can be fearsome when they finally "blow up." Whites are motivated by other peoples desires. They want suggestions however, not demands.

Take my other Test : Which Tarot Card Guide Are You?

Take The Color Code Test at HelloQuizzy

Comments: Interestingly..this test was actually one test that was spot on. Every single line in the whole analysis is very true indeed. But that's me for you. Have always been this way since forever. But I suppose being a peacekeeper is fine for certain situations.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ever changing....

Ana (CLANNAD Original Soundtrack)

Lyrics: Ogiwara Yuu
Vocal: Lia

The place changes and goes. Like a wind, like clouds.
Like the traces of the heart, no halt at the places.

The place is so far away. be far apart.
people's hand does not reach,so merely has (the) worship.

The place is a lofty lord. can't meet nobody put on.
We will lose the lofty which changes.

Not all were desired. However, we're never sad.
still, there is still the place.far away. far away.

(The wind) blows through the place. an endless,with all.
Like the ripple float on the water, It blows as it goes.

the place is No make at all. Nothing is shown.
Like the sand clasped by hand, It falls vainly.

The place is (a) profound lord,and wear the vain faint light.
But we will find it in the place.The hut at which it stands still.

if not concerned with all,It will maintain that No dye.
therefore there is still the hut.It's lonly, solitary.

no halt at the soars to the sky.
Like the verdure (which) meets with sunrise, It grows up as reborn.

The hut has held new one.that's different from all.
like the sand castle of the children,but realized with the mind.

The person is a vain statue.wear taciturnity calm.
still,We will know a huge flow.It is stopped by nobody.

soon,the wind wears the snow cloud. will be dyed to snow-white.
Summer grass will incline.No sunlight,feebly shade.

The place buried in deep the collapsing castle.
like the head of the shade,figure will be thrown away

The hut buried in deep snow.It sinks in to the flood.
and The "not dyeing" is dyed out,and waits for a oppose one.

Even if all are healed, be gonna no return.
there is still the place.far away. far away.

The place changes and goes. Like a wind, like clouds.
Like the traces of the heart, no halt at the places.

The place is a lofty lord. can't meet nobody put on.
still,there is still the place.far away. far away.
(Lyrics found from by the way..nice site)

Don't mind the's still a beautiful song. When this song was played at Kouko's wedding (Ep9) and Tomoyo's meeting with Tomoya in the snow (Ep24), it was perfect for the mood...

...damn I'm feeling sad again.

Gloomy days.

Lately I feel pretty gloomy.

It's not difficult to explain though. If you gave me this freedom this size I would surely say yes. But now...somehow I think that I am better off without it. Every day follows the same routine now and I've got to get a job soon...and even that's not going smooth. I'm applying by the masses and so far...not going well. This week is a dry spell = not a single interview.

I do know I've got to get a job by September...but suddenly even I'm not sure of that anymore. Eesh....

Besides that?

I feel like erasing myself out of existance for this gloomyness....I'd like to fly away somewhere far away...hmm..I think listening to piano pieces when you're a bit on the depressed side gets to you. Oh, and reading on sad story mangas too (Tomoyo After ~Dear Shining Memories~, I'm looking right at you).

[No, I'm not going to jump off a cliff and die -_-]

Oh well...just got to intensify efforts..before this gets worse.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In which times are getting harder...

Been away for abit (and mood's not too good these days)...I'll tell what I've been through lately.

I went for an interview at APL, an international shipping company for a position of Documentation Coordinator at MidValley. At first it didn't seem too bad, even at the interview room. Alas, I closed the door to this job myself (yes, not the interviewer). Here's why.

The pay was not that great. Yes, I'm a fresh grad, I'm not entitled to complain at all about that...but the reason I complained was because I will have to work odd hours. No, I'm not going to be doing some 9am to 6pm work hour, I'll be working at like..shift based hours. Still 9 hours, but I'll be working till 1am (starting from 4pm). However, it's not like I wasn't informed about this BEFORE the interview - so why did I still go for it you may ask?


On their website, it was posted that there was two options, first being the late hours (one that I was offered), second was the usual hours (which is fine by me). I hope I could ask for the usual hours, but sadly they aren't hiring anyone for those hours at that point. Now, you could say, just work lah!

I did consider the prospect of working late hours (thats why I accepted the interview in the first place). But by the interview time I've come to realise that it's simply difficult for me. First off I have no own transport (which I should; but that's for another day) - that means going home at 12 or 1 is hard. Second was the fact that I simply can't leave my grandfather alone at night. Sorry, nowadays the world ain't a safe place - especially at night - and I've come to worry about his safety because of that.

If only they had those early hours I would have gone for it....but it's not happening...

The interviewer did point out that my degree entitled me to a higher pay, but they simply couldn't pay me what I wanted since they did have a fee structure to follow (understandable)...the interviewer even said it's better for me to find somewhere else coz of that.

But as time passes by (even now as I type) - I've come to realise that it's getting very difficult to get a decent job with my kind of degree (2nd lowers). I won't regret this - what good does regret does? I just have to keep on looking. And time isn't on my side...

To carry on with my day - I spent the rest of the day in the arcade while waiting for dad for dinner - did play some games but nothing too much..and at around midnight I went for yumcha with Sato, Jimmy and Tracy at some mamak store in Happy Garden (can't remember the name...)

Usually, Saturdays are @D4's team meetings/outings...this week's lack alot however. Initially, me, IN and Sato were to go to Sunway but parking was impossible (rounded the place for 1/2 an hour) so we head off to IOI instead...IOI was a boring place...and I still don't like those Wangan Osaka whores last time I've been there so this time I don't even bother to accept challengers...because I'm so so so so sick of freakin' Osaka. Geez. There, I only finished by 2nd loop story mode - and my R32 is then 166 games away from S9. Meanwhile IN and Sato used my ID4 card C*-Eve (because they forgot to bring theirs)..and racked up 6 wins to bring my card consecs to 41. Jimmy and Tracy dropped by but left early. I didn't find out why though.

The thing was Sato had to go back home around 7pm (he's heading back to Japan for a week) after sending him and IN..had nothing to do..he sent me back and later we were supposed to go out again with Jimmy for another meeting.

...which never happened by the way.

And what wonderful timing it was for Streamyx to FAIL. Lagging connections..and I've read on forums it was nationwide too. Geez TM, buck up your freakin' services...I didn't pay RM99 to surf at dial up speeds.

...Then again, maybe I did.

Watched the Clannad Ep24 (the Tomoyo-Tomoya OVA)in the afternoon. Will blog more about that later.

I went to MV later in the evening....and I finished the Perfect GT-R arc on my card as well as clearing 7 out of 10 stages on the first Devil Z arc....and from today I decide to just NOT do the 200 ghosts..and finish another story loop (6 games saved)..therefore..I'm 147 games away from S9 on my R32. I also got...something else. But that..remains a secret. Eventually people will find out though. But until then, it's a secret =D.

I came back, and finished all the Generals Challenge for my CnC Zero Hour to uninstall it. That's about it for now...right now, I'm pondering over some things.

That's all for the 3 days - and trust me, the way things are going...the next week is going to be a crucial one.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun in Facebook (and other stuff)

Lately I've been doing a lot of stuff at cure boredom -_- (hey, when you're broke you don't have a lot of options do you?). Among them:

Ace Hockey

Playing Air Hockey against the CPU. Going for a clean tourney, but not happening so far (must remember to not hit the puck into own net -.-).


Making my own nation >_> titled "The Empire of Cyan Starr" =D.

Description (as of blog post) as follows:
The Empire of Cyan Starr is ordered by Emperor Jason Cheong Khai Soon. In this nation, only those who make large donations to the government are allowed the right to vote. Personal computers are given to each citizen and children are taught to type at the age of 12 months. This nation's advancements in health care has subsequently founded the concept of the 'Medical Insurance Company', allowing more people access to medical care, but further segregating those living below the poverty level.

Life in Cyan Starr is very safe due to the right of the police to randomly search private property. This country sports an impressive military force which operates fully on testosterone-driven body builders which are used to intimidate any adversary. Religious practice and public observances are allowed, but no policies may be created to advance any given expression of religious thought. Education in Cyan Starr is of great importance and vouchers are given to any student who cannot afford schooling.

Huge concerns about the environment have prompted this government to research how humans impact nature and then hire a prominent public figure to exaggerate the information to ensure citizen participation. The free market is allowed to decide policy provided the government is in agreement with any decisions made, and any freedom which a citizen understands should be available to them is made available once it is forwarded to all known acquaintances and posted in their front lawn for the public to review.

The use of baby seals as an alternative fuel has been permitted by Jason Cheong Khai Soon and the defenseless animals are being slaughtered by the dozen.

Marijuana has been legalized in Cyan Starr, but the sales tax has insured that only the rich can afford this luxury.

Jason Cheong Khai Soon has instituted National Citizen Appreciation Day and has made every citizen feel just special enough to quit complaining about the poor leadership of the government.

Yes, I kill baby seals for an alternative energy source. I'm evil :3

Make A Baby - link here
I made one with my special someone :D

Lili ReiHeart-Crysallis :D Isn't she cute :P Born on 22nd June :p and recently me and Tabitha have been spending a lot of time on her..and well now she's in the "Kindergarten level" :3

Pacman 2.0 - link here.

OLD SCHOOL GAMING! This is when I'm really really bored though, but it's fun when you need to kill time :D


Although recently I've been poked more :3, I ought to poke people later :S

Giving gifts out.

Giving out gifts is a norm in Facebook. I don't do it alot actually..but sometimes when I'm in the mood (read: free time to click) I'll just give gifts out. Winnie the Pooh is just one of them by the way.

Gamer Social

Being a gamer myself, this app comes in handy to keep track of what I've been playing, what I am playing now, and I can also review games through this handy app. :D

My City.

- Looks like SimCity..but everyday one of my friends (and myself) can add 1 citizen into my town. It's small at the moment (just 33 at time of post), hope to get more soon. :D

And many more,these are just a few of my favs. :D I love Facebook.

And in other news:
WMMT's S class project:
R32 is now 186 games away from S9 (now A3 Ace demo car)[thanks to Lynn for the games..although you didn't really have to help >_<], RX-8 remains unchanged. Hmm....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Purple Fantasy.

What?! Another blog layout so fast?!

Yes. Unfortunately while the last one was very good (I wanted to keep it too - it's Clannad damn it), the problem was the background file..if the layout fails to load properly (It's happened a bit too often to my liking...)...then you ain't seeing anything without highlighting... :( So I'll change to least if photobucket failed or something you can still see the post. I did keep a backup of the last layout though, in case I need it.

For now though, this will do. This layout looks pretty neat....thanks to LLP for showing this to me that day =D

As for changes to the blog, both Imeem and PA ads are removed. - Imeem because nobody uses it and it loads slowly...and use for now. I still have the codes though, so I might re-add it in future.

Oh and the blue Blogger bar is back. :D


This blogskin seems to malfunction abit...not sure if it's my connection or what but the background doesn't always show, and this ALWAYS distrupts the blog posts (coz the background is dark).

Might consider changing's not even two weeks I think!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today, I met up with Zackler at Amcorp Mall. It's been a long, LONG time since I've seen him...close to probably a year now. I think the last time I saw him was eight months ago over a chance meeting in Sunway while playing ID4. (I could still remember tuning my 86 Trueno then). Amcorp has truly changed majorly since I was there..sure the ground floor looks pretty much the same..but as I head to the upper floors..the difference was simply too much.

Yes, the cafe is still there. Yes, Uncle Snacks is still there. Yes, the book rental shop is ALSO still there. But man has things changed. The cafe hasnt changed much honestly (I can see the back PCs still using the old stuff). Cheryl's working there now (although just on Thursday apparently)..and that just goes to show I haven't been completely forgotten :3.

Had a walk around Amcorp with Zackler, and talked with him a little over a drink at Uncle Snacks...well thanks mate, I sorta have an idea on what to do next. Hopefully it all just goes well...and if it doesn't, well I just got to keep on moving.

Next up was me going to MV for a bit, where then I by chance met up with a really old friend of mine, Lynn. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little but I guess it's been a long time. When I last saw her, she was slightly shorter than me, and now she's the same height :S, and now she's let her hair down completely.

It seemed just like yesterday when we chat about things...somehow it evokes memories of old..she's a whole lot different than before, seriously...before she used to crack jokes at every opportunity but now...she seemed pretty normal, very different. And the way she dresses changed's always been something cute but now its just t-shirt and jeans...but of course, people change over the course of time, so I guess she's just now..different? Well at least she remembers me >_<...considering I don't have a lot of people remembering me :(

But it seems when I asked her the question of how was things with her boyfriend she quickly dodged if she didn't want to talk about it. I was quick to catch on so I quickly changed the topic, but I can very well see she felt very distressed.

Sure enough, as we walked around Metrojaya for a little coz she wanted to have a look around at some things (and I was bored then so..) happened. She cried. Not a cry that would attract attention but it certainly got me worried...seeing I never saw her cry before..knowing her as a happy-go-lucky girl - but I guess even THAT changed too.

I'm not going to say what happened between her and her boyfriend (she says it's alright for me to blog about it, but I'd rather not)...but it wasn't a happy story that's for sure. I wasn't very pleased to see how such a happy girl that I know to change to such a pale shadow of herself..all within just 3 years. I told her to go on with life but it seems that she is struggling to get out of the shadow...I wonder what did her boyfriend do to really hurts as a see another friend go down like that.

I spent some time with her in the arcade (she's a pretty good Outrun 2 player - and I didn't know she plays Time Crisis 4 too - tagged with her), and she was nice to spend me some games on Wangan Midnight Maxi Tune 3 (didn't want to but she insisted). Then I sent her off to the KTM train home before I made my way back too.

It was a good day in gaming perhaps (25 games to A2 for my R32)..but really, it got me wondering how much she's changed over the years. I guess that one incident really shook her till this day.

That's all for my blog post today.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Initially I wanted to post something here but I forgot.

-_- Oh well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The plan :3

I hereby bring forth my WMMT plan to...S class two of my aces. :D

The first one:
Lili★ - Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32) - Rank A3 - Next Generation.

How to get there: 2x story mode (2 rank ups) + 86 ghost wins (1 rank up)
Rank will go in this order: A3 > A2 > A1 > S9
Total games to go as of today: 212.

I'm currently doing this one first as I use this for battle alot. If I feel like it I will also go for another 100 ghost wins for a place in the Level 10 Ghost slot (which then bumps my rank up to S8 :D). As for the title, I hope to change it but I'm not sure to change to what just yet.

The second one:
C★Eve - Mazda RX-8 Type S (SE3P) - Rank A2 - RX-8 King.

How to get there: 2x story mode (2 rank ups)
Rank will go in this order: A2 > A1 > S9
Total games to go as of today: 159.

My pride and joy seeing this is my second car (first was the Evo IX) that I tuned from scratch (and the first to make it through the story undefeated >_>), and stuck to this for some time. :3 But I'll do this one later after I'm done with the R32. As for any more rank ups after S9...that I need to give it a thought seeing I don't do so well in battle with this car (1000 stars - 1 rank up - possible S8 - currently at 651), and if I am willing to do any more story mode/ghost battles - this car is already a Level 10 ghost. As for the title - I'm abit reluctant to change it :p coz it sounds cool :D

Bottom line: Need money first >_>, or this plan won't be completed fast... as for what plans after this two has been done...that's for another day, coz I haven't given it much thought :3

I'm off to sleep -_- hopefully I don't wake up at 2pm AGAIN. -_-

Monday, July 7, 2008


Woke up at 2pm again. =.=

This is so not good. =.=

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting back to business...

Okay this was what happened yesterday. Bullet points with some elaboration :

- Lunch with a special someone.
No comment :)

- Went out with my @D4 teammates (IN, Alpha, Sato) to Sunway Pyramid.
As usual, like every week. Nothing to elaborate upon :3 but this is the first time IN paid for parking (for an hour at least).

- Met up with Kenji (my fellow RV teammate and also leader) as well as -KS- since they were there too.
Before the day itself, Kenji asked me to join them but I had the lunch going on, but anyways it was fun meeting up with these guys.

- Got ★1588 R32 card like everyone else :3
Not exactly "everyone else" but I guess having connections helps. :3

- ID4 Iro DH Wet 2'45"4 RX-8...just for fun.
Just 2 games. Not pushing it. I'm supposed to be done with this game remember?

- Tuned the -R.V- R32 from Level 40 to Level 42 dressup.
Seeing Kenji was away with -KS- for dinner, I went and helped Kenji tune to the first neon. Ghost Battle Mode is boring.

- Metro Highway Tokyo with my own Lili★ R32, testing 760HP/D, with one big hit, ends at 12'12"014.
760HP/D surprisingly feels nice...but needs a lot of work in C1. I'm losing a fair bit of time there..but for a first try I guess it's pretty nice. And if it wasn't for the one hit at the S turn before the Yoko Down/C1 Out split I would have gotten 11.5..ironically the same time on the card. :)

- Dinner at Cilli Padi (met Jimmy and his girlfriend Tracy here) near Happy Gardens - had Chicken Maryland and 2 scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream.
Chicken Maryland was pretty decent..nothing really special for RM18...but the ice cream was fantastic :D

- Received a note that the the -R.V- R32 card is to fork out money...
This is R32 number.....5 i have. (6 if you count CY+JA which is with Ricky (@GT2))
- Lili★ - Current one, A3 rank, 1283 stars.
- Lili★ - Second one, given to the special someone, B2 rank but I have it for the moment, 443 stars.
- Lili★ - Third one, but first Lili★ made. Currently at 800HP/DG, Stage 44. No stars. :3
- ★1588 - Pros call this the rubbish car (I think it's just the reputation of that team...)but hey this card is so famous so I wanted one (and those connected to the pros all have one too). I don't remember how many stars this had...6000+? But these stars aren't mine anyways.
- -R.V- - Coming soon. :3 Don't remember how many stars (exactly 300?) but this one comes with a red aura - None of my cars have such an aura :3 - they are all either green or purple.

- Played Outrun 2 at MV...
Heart Attack mode owns. Although to be honest, I can only do so well at the Easy splits..the hard ones I can't do well..especially the blue cone request.

- .....and also played Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 at MV and had a 4 win streak going on.
- Hohoho, the first three wins I was pretty calm..the fourth one in Osaka..I think I spun out of playstyle that is. I think that was the first time I got fired up on instinct...and I don't know why either!

- Finished Story mode 2nd loop for my Lili★ R32 till Stage 20.

Technically, 226 games more till S9 for my R32..provided I don't battle. Can be done by September..but I'll need a job to confirm that (No money = No WMMT)

- Tagged with Sato for Time Crisis 4
.....and found that all enemies still have double HP even when the partner is dead. :( I died at the last section of Stage 3 Area 1 because the double HP really kills my concentration...I needed to dodge more red sights I wasn't expecting (I usually play Solo because of this reason).

- Had a drink with my @D4 mates at Stevens Corner OUG right after...for about like 10 minutes.
Nothing much to say here...

- Posted my teammate's record.
- Needed to do it before I forget the 4 digit key because I don't have it noted anywhere.

That's all. :)

Reflections of the past.

[Disclaimer: This blog post is 100% on my reflections on my past, and thus will detract from the happy tone I'm used to blogging. However, I would prefer to dwell on my past rather than keep it inside]

As I settle down in front of my laptop, with my cup of tea in hand, I begin to ponder and reflect on my past, and things that should (or should not) have happened. To me, I feel this was an important section of my life..and one that I have really regret over the years.

This was leaving the Comic Fiesta community back in 2004 - end year, barely even a year after i joined the community. We had fun times during the outings, I can still remember them even to this day.

To be does pain me to leave the community. Yes, there were controversies in the manner which I did leave (I won't elaborate here but those who were closer to me then would know...)...but somehow, I feel very regretful...heck, I actually felt I was very stupid in all this. I just "disappeared" off the radar of all my Comic Fiesta friends just like that. I don't know what they feel towards me now (nothing? hate? anger?) but I know that I really should not have done so. To be honest, this is currently the single most regretful thing I've done...ever.... and if there's a way for me to get back in touch...i will.

I don't know if any CFers I know (or used to know) will read this, but if you do...I really would like to apologize for my mistake...even if you guys won't accept my apology.

I'm closing off for the night...I feel terrible.

EDIT: Somehow I can't sleep anymore.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh my....

My oh my, $500,000 and just one step away from being a million dollar winner! :D :D :D, with one lifeline to spare too :D :D :D
Errr.....errr.....err......Honolulu = GMT-10, and NY is GMT -5 but NY observes DST.... omg...still thinking......

I think it's 6am....It can't be 6.30 or 8..... I'm pretty sure its 6am....Final answer? Yes >_<

!!!! One million dollars is mine! :D :D :D :D :D I'm a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(back to reality...)


:( :( :(

A golden opportunity...gone to waste?

This morning, like...10 minutes ago, a guy from Elken called me - offering me some Product Executive job. Seems like there's always one stumbling block - my lack of a driver's license.


So unfortunately, they are "reconsidering" (well, they said it was a handicap and they didn't write me off completely)...although my bad feelings tell me: is this bad news for me? :( coz you know what happens when they usually say "we'll call you".

In the meantime, please allow me space as I bash my head upon the walls of this blog seeing I probably threw it away, sigh...

*bash bash bash bash bash bash bash* :(

Bottomline: I need a driver's license (for a host of other reasons too...)

New look :D

Well, there you have it. I figured it was time I changed my layout as I've been using the last one (the Bluebird one) for at least a year now. However, I will be the first to admit that I am no art designer, so I went over to Blogskins to look for a skin, and this was it.

I prioritized Clannad in my search, and it returned me two blogskins (one of which was this). This one looked pretty good, so I decided on this. The skin's name was "Eternally Divine", in which I included it into the blog name (hence "The Crystal Impulse [ver. Eternally Divine]). However, once I downloaded it, problems began to surface, and it wasn't for at least an hour that I realised that this blog skin needs to be used in the classic interface (the new one would just reject all the codes). It sounds simple, but then I'd realise I had to recopy ALL my widgets, from the tagboard, to the clock, and then the links again.

The most difficult part was the IMEEM music player on the sidebar. I had to crop it up to the sidebar's side (170 pixels), but the cropped look doesn't look very nice so I may remove it or replace it with a new song later. Also, I had hesitations on whether I wanted to re-add the Play-Asia ads (as I don't do reviews anymore), but for now I'll just keep it there in case I ever do a game review - I doubt so seeing I rarely touch my DS now.

I have realised the Blogger "bar" on top of the blog doesn't exist. It's part of the skin I guess. Also, the font is nice, but abit small...I might try fixing it up - but I think it looks pretty okay for now.

I've also copied over the links from the previous layout and added a few new ones. I have decided not to link any of my old reviews unlike the previous layout however - I've noticed my Nintendo WiFi Connector review being one reason why people come to my blog - which is nice.

As for WHY a Clannad skin? Well...coz I'm a pretty huge fan of Clannad ever since I've watched the anime last year. I kinda wished it was Kotomi and not Nagisa up there, but hey this is a fantastic skin nonetheless (The other blogskin did feature Kotomi - heck it actually featured all the other Clannad heroines, but I think this one is just fine). Overall, I say this blogskin is fantastic and credits to Jocelyn for making such a wonderful Clannad blogskin :)

Anyways I'm pretty tired from having to copy over and fix up the blog, so I'll sign off now.

Music: None. Yes, silence. Golden isn't it ;)

Friday, July 4, 2008

New layout.

Currently restoring buttons and back later.

Changed the layout back to the old one....

For all the pink-ishness in the last Blogger layout, it started to look VERY messy. I reverted it back to the last one. I'll look for another one later but I think I'll remain with this for abit.

EDIT: Yes, the banner (by penman) is missing. I'm looking for it =.=

EDIT2: If I can't find it, i'm going for a new layout. -_-

Alarm clock woes.

I think I seriously need a new alarm clock.

Basically my old (actually lost/stolen/whatever) phone Nokia 6300, i used that as my alarm. If i missed the alarm, the phone would just ring again after like..10 I usually woke up slightly later.

But this 5610 Xpress Music -_-

I set my alarm clock to 10am for the past 4 days. For the record I've gone to sleep at 3-4am. Here's the times I woke up:

Day 1 - 12.30
Day 2 - 1.10
Day 4 - 12.40

-_- Turns out that this thing STOPS ringing after the first time.....and it's not as loud as the one before. -_- damn it now I have to buy an alarm clock that works, and I'll need it too -_- can't imagine what would happen if I was employed and the above happened >_>

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mission complete. Now I can finally officially quit ID4 TA with a happy end...

Irohazaka DH Dry 2'43"655 RX-8 Type S (SE3P) - my CP times.

Okay fine, so I didn't really hold true to my vow and quit ID4 TA - but now, I can finally do so. When I did that post down below, I was abit unsatisfied, since I didn't really get to achieve what I wanted - or at least something I can be happy about. Nevertheless, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be serious about ID4 ever again. least till today.

I had some major form going on when toying around (just for fun since the MT3 machines were full) with my MR2 (1-1-1-1-0 tuned)...did 2'46"955 Iro DHD with it so I thought hey, why not give it a try again. So I tried my fully tuned RX-8 then. For 8 games I tried I kept getting good CPs with it. While the above time was abit of a disappointment (CP3 was +0.4 off my last personal best of 2'44"1xx) nevertheless it is still a 2'43.

Could I have pushed it? Yes, probably....but no more. I do notice that if I had not messed up the third section (due to the fact I lost 10km/h coming out of the final jump) I would have gotten a 2'43"2xx which would have really been nice, but I don't think I want to push this anymore...seriously, no more....

As far as my ID4 TA times are concerned, this is it...its the end..300+ days since I first touched the machine in Sunway Pyramid. I will never declare that I will stop ID4 for good (like, 100%) because inevitably I will play battles or have some fun games no matter how I try to resist. But as far as seriously time attacking is concerned, "Time Is Up". I neither have the passion, nor the resources to commit myself to this, more towards the former...

What next for me? First priority now is to get a job. Yes, I know it's been overdue for so many months now....but I will be the first to admit its partly due to my laziness. Now though, I should get serious regarding this, because despite being in such a mental state that I'm lazy yet I definitely need a job reality hits hard - I need money, and I need it if I'm going to survive.

Signing out for now, bad Streamyx connection doesn't allow me to surf the net much.. being limited to local sites and MSN sucks.

Current music: Nobuo Uematsu - Submarine Nautillus (Final Fantasy 3 DS OST)

Monday, June 30, 2008 Japanese name is....

My authentic japanese name is 長谷川 Hasegawa (long valley river) 有祐 Yuusuke (have aid).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Watashi wa Hasegawa Yuusuke desu. Dozo yoroshiku ne :D

Saturday, June 28, 2008

One picture that made a whole new difference.

Well, who would have thought just a class picture of the old years would bring me back from the depths of seperation from old classmates. And also re-sparked my interest on Facebook.

Just about two weeks ago, I was bored online so I went to my rather dull and boring facebook account. At the time I didn't really use it much, probably once or twice every week but no more than that. The lack of activity factor was the main reason - why would I want to go on a site to do nothing? And yea, that time, my list of friends on Facebook was rather absymal (It actually still is now). So I thought I'd do a fun search on my old school SK Seri Mega and lo and behold I found a group.

Not just any group. I found some of my old school mates there. And the pic of my ol' 6 Seroja class. So I intro'd myself in one of the topics and commented on the pic. Within a few hours I got some replies from old friends such as Desmond and Esther :).

The rest from there? Well, I met up with Wen Jian, Esther and Sue Li (albeit for a short while) yesterday for yumcha. Had a great time talking about things nowadays (and I do realise I missed out on a lot of things :( ).

Then I managed to communicate with some other friends like Yuen Mei and Brian. Now my facebook routine has changed from once a week to like three to four times a day. Could say I'm addicted now. I'm sorta glad that I actually made the decision to search, or else..well, I'd still be pretty "isolated".

I've felt very happy about the whole thing, all this in just a matter of two weeks. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well wouldn't you believe it....

Initial D 5. How long was it since the last version came out in Japan? Not even 2 years. -_-. Now IF it comes out I surely hope it's nothing like the crap that was ID4 because ID4 was a huge mess.

And what razorsuke said on the thread was right - no point getting good at the game because the next version comes out so fast. What the hell man. -_-..

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's official in my book. I quit Initial D 4.

Yes, you read it right. *cue WTF WTF WTF*

I quit Initial D Arcade Stage 4 as of 22nd June 2008. The game has became too frustrating to play for me and this in turn makes it money consuming. As I'm already playing Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (far more enjoyable than ID4 ever will), I will devote any arcading funds to that game from now on.

Seriously though, ID4 had its chance to redeem itself through v1.5 and the new physics completely killed the game for me. Why penalize players with an idiotic oversteer? Yes, maybe the better players will come here and say "You just don't know how to do the turn right". Well I say, forget it. The physics suck. That's my opinion, you can keep yours to yourselves. Furthermore, I have no other incentive to play when Wangan is so much more fun.

I will still be with @D4 (my Initial D 4 team) as they are still my friends and I will still go out with them on team meets. But I won't play ID4 seriously anymore...because I am frustrated. Very frustrated.

Will I ever make a u-turn to my decision? Highly unlikely, unless a miracle happens (or a new physics ver comes out which is highly unlikely now...). Will I play an Initial D 5 if it exists? Sure, why not? Just don't make them physics damn retarded as this one.

In the meantime... goodbye mountain roads (sans Hakone) and hello to the Metropolitan highways.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mission accomplished! ...but not with a good end!

Start date: 22 May 2008
End date (supposedly): 8 June 2008
Duration: 17 days (School holiday)
Mission: Gain the next level up from battle (400 stars)
Start point: 100 stars (22nd May 2008)
Ended with: 415 stars (7 June 2008)
Total stars attained: 315. (average: 18.5 stars per day)

With the school holidays approaching I figured it would be the best time to bump my star count up (and rank up: I'm planning to go for S class for my R32). Actually, this wasn't even in my initial plan, seeing that I WAS supposed to go Penang with Team -KS- but in the end that didnt work out for me because of some "problems".

It started off badly on the first day. The first half of the day yielded only five stars out of five games. Totally lost form, kept getting 3rd or 4th...consecutively. Later that day my form improved though it didn't really "come back".

Then later, I was at my best. For the next 10 - 11 days, races kept going my way (luck played a really huge part in some of them), and I easily hauled up to 20-30 stars a day with just ten bucks. Last place finishes were a rarity. I was definitely at the peak of my game, even more so than when I used the RX-8 to battle.

Then when I reached the 370+ star mark, my form started to slide. It started as a slow downhill, then today, it became a steep cliff. I've never had a form this bad that I had literally screw myself out of sure-fire stars just because I was greedy. I did eventually reach the 400 mark on the same day, but still, there were stars that was as good as mine, only to be thrown away at the last 1km.

Nevertheless, mission accomplished. Although the end wasn't such a good thing. I wonder if I need to lay off on Wangan for abit, it seems that my form is on the slide now that its not really a good idea to battle...not for now at least.

Well, at least I managed to come close to beating my personal best of 12.11.9 with Kenji's R32 with my own...came up short by 0.2xx but its my first ever successful TA with the 3rd person camera I guess there are better things to come :)

What's next? Hmm...I guess the next level up (1000 stars) isn't too hard..but that, will be for another time. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Disappointing day.

Today was a pretty sad day to be honest. :( Not in the best of moods.

In the afternoon, I went to MV to have some Wangan games, and i picked up the R32 while I'm at it. Then we started battling (4 players). First three to four battles were nice, getting a lot of stars out of just four bucks was awesome.

Then the world turned upside down.

After that, my luck just turned for the worse. I kept finishing third or fourth. Worse was on some of the situations it was because I misjudged the traffic of the roads. I even managed to blow a huge lead from first just to finish dead last in C1.

I had a smooth patch later where I kept getting 1st or 2nd, but just before dinner, I battled two games again. This time I had 2 plays left, and was at 598 stars, so I figured it would be cool getting 600 before I had to renew it.

Oh how bad my luck was.

I finished dead last despite leading the race on Hakone IB, meaning down to 1 play and still 2 stars short of 600. DAMN! By then I had the sense of defeat; I've never had a patch of bad runs THIS bad before in the entire history of playing Wangan in my entire life. So I took a rest after being so demoralized while Alan took my RX-8 for a battle at Hakone OB, and won it. 601 stars and still a free game.

Seeing the guy sitting next to Alan got off, I told him to come in and I took back position on my own car. Then in the battle, I finished last. Again.

I was even more demoralized by now. I was intending to test my R32 in battle, but seeing I already am in a bad patch, I figured it was best I stopped there and then. I just waited for Matt to finish his games before me and Alan went for dinner at McDonalds.

Then when the battle ends, I went and played some games with my R32. Perhaps the only positive thing of the day was that I found my R32 to be pretty great, and worth the money. I also had one battle with Matt 1 on 1 on his insistence on Osaka (which I lost, but I didn't really care anyway by now...). Also I ran Wangan Line Eastbound with my R34 with a time of 4'02"101, which is pretty bad, but I don't really care seeing I don't like Wangan Line in the first place.

At the end of the day, when I got back home, let's just say I never felt this worse. Perhaps I overrated myself and thought I was pretty good. Man, that was the worst ever thought I had. I'm not good, I'm just overrating myself.

For the next few days I REALLY need to think how I handle my battles from now on. I don't think it's the RX-8's problem (although my mind tells me it is, I know that's just an excuse), but it's the driver. Me. For now, I just want to get my R32 set up well...

I'm back.

Been a while since I updated this blog. Heh.

I didn't really update it since I am lazy honestly. But now, I think I can devote some time back seeing I have nothing to do now. I'm gonna focus more on personal life rather than gaming now so this blog won't have much gaming articles as before.

Anyways, I hope to be able to update again soon. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

My ID4 TA video :D

Course: Irohazaka Downhill Night Clear
Time: 2'45"051 <-- OMG!! T_T
Car: Honda S2000 (AP1)
Driver: me (D4@Cypher)
Cameraman: D4@Satoshi (yes I know the vid says Alpha but that's the mistake of the editor >_>)
Editor: D4@Larmo
Song: glacial - BeForU

Yes, I know I could have filmed a better run. But hey, when you're working with limited funds I don't have many rounds to toy with.

Anyways, enjoy.

Note: Yes, the video is not on my Youtube channel, but it's on the team's Youtube channel :)

Just blabbing.

It's exactly 4am on my clock (yes I'm still awake, shut up, don't ask why) and I'm not feeling good. I keep thinking about some things that I really do not need to think about.

Yet I should be thinking about it.


I don't know lah, life just sucks now.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thoughts of the Week #1: Initial D Arcade Stage 4 : A game that fails to live up to its predecessors.

It figures that I can't leave this blog dead for too long. So I'll be active again :)

So, lets see now. It's Initial D. It has wide screen. It has better graphics and sound. Surely the game would be as successful as its predecessors.

Apparently, not.

Take a look at ANY arcade with Initial D 4 and you will find it mostly dead. In contrast, Namco's arcade racer Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (hereby referred to as WMMT3 from now on) has taken over the arcade as THE racer to play.

What has certainly gone wrong. Well, I managed to find reasons for it.

1) Lack of courses.
When Initial D 1 came out almost 4 - 5 years ago, arcade racers were given four course to choose from. When the sequel came out, it became even better, with two new courses, totalling six. And when the third installment came out, it became even better, with three courses added. Now certainly, you'd expect the fourth one to have more than that?

Not quite the case.

Sure, the fourth installment introduced 3 new courses (Lake Akina, Myogi (now a mountain based course and not the circuit one in the three previous versions) and Tsukuba), but as a trade off they removed Usui, Akina Snow, Shomaru, Tsuchisaka. Thats FOUR removed. Sure, the game engine changed (ID4 uses the Sega Lindbergh board unlike the other three), but surely Sega could have readded them? Unless they are L-A-Z-Y.

And it doesn't end there too.

2) Certain car models removed.
Yes, I know they have added the Evo IX and GDBF.

But did Sega have to remove more cars than they add?

The original lineup in the Japanese release was seriously lacking cars it wasn't funny. In V3 there were at least 30+ cars in the game. And when V4 came, at least 8-10 were missing. That included the "king" car of V3, the RX-8. Sure, they fixed things up for the English version when they re added three cars back (Miata, Altezza, RX-8), but come on, is this an upgraded version or a downgrade.

3) No transferral of cards from previous version.
This one takes the cake as the main reason why people just simply did not want to play V4. Previously you could have transferred your cars to the next version at the expense of the cost of the new card. Which is cool. You keep your points.

Then when V4 came out, you couldn't transfer the card - mostly probably because the tuning system has changed. Lots of people didn't like it coz they had to start over.

4) Tuning system was tedious.
One FT car will set you back RM450. Why?

The tuning shops that improve the car performance comes every six ejects. No, not games. Everytime you pull out the card counts as an eject. That's tedious.

Then there's thirty five performance parts to install 35 x 6 = 210.

Yup, you pull the card 210 times. Whoopeedoo.

And the card only holds 150 you have to renew the card at least once. Which brings me to my next point.

5) Error 403 says hi.
If you read my blog before, I've got this before.

You insert your card.

You pay the amount required for a new card.

Your invalid gets spit out.


Nice red sign comes out saying license couldn't be dispensed. Call the technician!

Sucks doesn't it? Now most arcades know how to fix this error, but seriously, if it happens often enough, it's a problem. Considering point number 4, this is serious.

6) Lack of battle auras.
Yes, I know the Japanese have them.

But we don't.

See, the reason people battle nowadays is because they want to get to see some cool ass flame that rises up before the start of the race perhaps as super intimidation or coolness factor. I wonder why Sega did not fix the battle auras to be included. This reason alone is the reason why all the battlers stuck to the last version.

7) Weird physics that makes it difficult to play.
From those videos you see on Youtube it looks like you could try full gassing all the way and it works, right? Well yes, you can. But then halfway thru the turn you get this funky understeer. And even if you do avoid hitting the wall, you still get a funky accel penalty. WTF?

That's where penalty cancel comes in play. Perhaps the most retarded physics exploit ever. With a simple tap of the brake coming out of the turn/understeer, the accel gets restored.

Except it's not easy to execute in theory. If you don't do it right, it won't work.

So what does that mean?

a) If you don't know what is this, you're screwed in PvP battles.

b) If you don't know how to execute this properly, you're...still screwed in PvP battles.

The gap between those that know how to play and those who don't are so wide new players are deterred from playing. This also effectively makes this game have an unusual high learning curve. Sadly, the physics might look easy to play, but in theory it's not.

So much failure reasons that deter this game from being the game to play. I play it because I can adapt to it, but not everyone can. It's not really crowd attracting. Just shows that graphics don't drag the crowd. Just look at Wangan if you don't believe me.

Thanks for reading Thoughts of The Week #1 XD