Saturday, May 23, 2009

Been a long time.'s been 7 months since I last posted here O_o.....

Let me recap on what has happened in this 7 months:

- Finally got a job! :D Working at IBM Bandar Utama. Working life's been tough so far, but I'm holding on...I think? So far, I managed to be good friends with the trio Kelvin, Chuu Yang and Eric. (though lately we haven't been going out lunch much coz we each have our own work to do...). Job satisfaction? I'm okay I guess.

- Had started WMMT3 DX when it came out in December...and stopped in March end when ID5 came along. I need to find time to balance between these two games since I have teams in both games (Rouge Vitesse in MT, @D4 SnS in ID)...but it's not really possible for now. I did manage to hit my preliminary targets for MT3DX though before I stopped, that including getting 1000+ battle stars for my 280HP > 825HP RX-8. I knew the car will come in handy someday :D

As for which game I enjoy more? ID for now I guess. :/

- Picked up Clannad After Story, then K-On! (Mio-chan~~~~) and now Haruhi (yes, she's back....). Haven't been watching others yet, although Yian recommended me Toradora! and Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom, and so far it's been good (only watched the first/second ep tho...).

In the meantime, it's K-On! madness. I'm fairly addicted to the songs "Don't Say Lazy" and "Fuwa Fuwa Time" right now. Feels like it has good rhythm to me (note: personal opinion). Been listening to it non-stop now. (Not as extreme as Kenji's 500+ plays on the same song just yet...)

By the way, Mio is moe. There. I said it. :D

- Got Pokemon Platinum for my DS. Speaking of which, my white DSL's right hinge broke off :( The crystal casing is holding the top and bottom together for now, but more or less, it's near its end life. I wonder if I should invest in a DSi.....

As for Pokemon Platinum...I just love the game...good additions compared to its predecessors Diamond/Pearl such as the Battle Frontier and the Trainer Cafe.

- My laptop...who has been a trusty friend ever since Uni days, is starting to show signs of collapse...seems like if I restart my hard disk won't be detected...I have to turn it off manually and turn it back on. :/ Not sure why yet, but I think I'll have to send this to Dell for servicing....

- In the end, my relationship with my current girl couldn't last. So for the best, we decided to break off...and with her not coming back for a good few years, it'll be hard for "another chance". Still....I guess since we broke off on good terms (still keep in contact with her once in a while)...I guess it's all good.

You know, it amazes me how half-a-year has passed just like that? When I look at my last blog entry (End of October) and the date now (End of May), yet it just seems like yesterday.

Anyways, with work at office now to juggle....unlike previous "mini-revivals", I'm not going to say I'm gonna update this more often because:
1) I'll end up not doing it anyway
2) Work flowing in at a fast rate now.

Anyways, till the next time. ^_^ Cypher, out.