Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And because I think someone deserves a nasty post....

I'm reminded.
Doesn't it suck that when you treat someone nice,  you don't get anything out of it yet when you ask for something, that said someone takes her bloody sweet time as if she doesn't care?

Yup =w=
I've learnt my lesson about this person =w=
Never gonna associate myself with such a bitch ever again =w=
And no, busy is not an excuse you can constantly use.
And now that I've not associated myself with you, it seems quite surprising you're suddenly very free, no?
I've also heard that you like to stab people with nasty words (that they themselves did not say) behind their back when they piss you off. Yet you complain to the world when the reverse is done to you?

One day you'll get what is coming to you. Trust me.
When you cry for help, and no one comes to your'll remember the people who once cared for you - and then you pissed them off. one by one.

Signing out.

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