Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's all about the Wings.

So I've laid out my plan for my wing aura in ID7. It takes a hell lot of planning, and money ._.

Okay, to start with - there are 5 requirements:
- Reach World of Professional 7
- 600 online battle (1v1) wins
- 500 tag battle wins
- 100 in store rivals
- 100 tag partners.

When me and Ivan got this Level 3 open we were like OAO dafuq, this is impossible.
Fast forward 4 months and he has one already. I might as well get mine - although to be honest it doesn't look that great (it does pulse the colour of aura, which does look kinda cool in it's own way :P)

So now I am at
- World of Professional 12 (CLEAR)
- 600 online battle (1v1) wins (exactly 600)
- 301 tag battle wins
- 50 in store rivals
- 67 tag partners.

which means I only need
- 199 tag battle wins (this will take a while...)
- 50 in store rivals
-  33 tag partners.

Sounds easy, but really time consuming =w= I hope to get this done by end of next week. :3

Right now, Yukiho-chan's aura looks like this (it's the Level 3 2nd row's mission - the conqueror aura)
Pardon the camera but my phone sucks =w=

Anyway, signing out =w=

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