Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'd blog about Wangan today but....

seriously, some people's attitudes piss me off.

Situation #1
That issue with a certain card has long past. It's been what, 2+ months now. So why when it pops up again you just casually bring it up as if it's my fault? If the person at fault also can lay this matter to rest why can't you? Also, what's your problem? There's so much fucking sarcasm in your post.

Situation #2
Don't keep people waiting. Especially not because of someone that you know your fellow friends already don't like.

Situation #3

People try to help you, please accept it. Stop beating round the bush and keep people waiting.

Not a proper blogpost I know. I'll get a better one done tomorrow. :/ later today have SSL..goddamn.

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